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Below are details of some of our regular activities. The contact details, locations, and timings for activities can be found on our Events page and in our Monthly Newsletter. If you are not a member and would like more information before joining, please email us at : 


Membership Secretary:

Painting of a village

Art Group

The BCWA Art group is an informal and friendly "class" where members are given the opportunity to try out their drawing and painting skills using a variety of different media, including acrylics and watercolours. The emphasis is very much on fun, with the group occasionally working together on combined projects such as the creation of a long, communal "frieze".

All levels are welcome, ranging from beginners to experienced so, if you just fancy giving art a try or you want to broaden your current art skills, this group has something to offer everyone!

Members are expected to bring their own art materials.  However, if you just want to give the class a try before investing in your own supplies, current members are usually happy to share!  

Book Exchange

BCWA organises regular book exchanges, once a week in Paris and once a month in the banlieue. The banlieue book exchanges are organised in members' homes, with a cup of tea and a chat thrown in!

Book Discussion Groups

For those of you who are active readers, BCWA currently offers members the choice of 2 lively book discussion groups: one in Paris, and one in the suburbs.

The Paris group is a dynamic group which likes to exchange views on books in various cafés around Paris. Meetings usually take place in the afternoon of the 3rd or 4th Monday of the month.

The Paris and the Suburbs group normally meets on the second Wednesday of the month, discussing books at members' homes over a light lunch.

Bridge Groups

BCWA members love playing bridge so we provide lots of opportunity for you to play with each other!

The Monday Bridge Group is a relaxed and friendly group that normally meets at various members' homes in and around Paris. There’s always a tea break with cakes and biscuits but, on special occasions, something stronger is served!

If you are a beginner then the Thursday Bridge Group may be the best place to start.  This club is normally hosted at the group leader's home, starting with tea and coffee at 10.30 am and finishing some time after midday. Players typically put 2 euros in the kitty each time they play - when there is enough money in the kitty, players celebrate with an outing to one of the local restaurants!

Easy Gym

What better way to get fit than taking up a bit of exercise with your friends. 

Don’t worry - we're not going to tire you out  – you even get to do it sitting down in the RBL clubroom!

French/English Conversation and French for Beginners

The Conversation Group usually meets twice a month on Friday afternoons. Participants take turns in hosting the meeting in their homes. 

The Beginners’ French Group usually meets on Tuesday afternoons at 2.00 pm which takes place in a café near Beaubourg.  Classes usually take the form of conversation in French on any topic that participants would like to discuss.

Happy Hour 

On the first Wednesday of each month, BCWA members are invited to meet for a drink from 5.00 to 7.00 pm at a café in Place Georges Pompidou, Levallois (metro N° 3 Pont de Levallois).

All members are welcome, especially newcomers.  Check the Monthly Newsletter for contact details of the group organizer and let her know if you intend to come!

Mah Jong

Mah Jong is a Chinese game in which 2, 3 or 4 people can play.  Over the years the BCWA Mah Jong group has seen expats from many different countries, including the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia, all of whom have brought their own rules!

Normally meeting at a member's home in St. Cloud or at MVAC in the 8th arrondissment on Thursdays between 1.30 and 4.30 pm, this is a very chatty and friendly group, which welcomes new players of all levels.


The Needlecraft group is a joint activity with the Women’s International Club ( Le WIC de Paris), so there are members from both groups. The only “qualifying requirement “ to join is that you bring along some work involving “needles”. This can be any form of sewing, such as patchwork, cross-stitch, embroidery, tapestry work, etc. Knitting or crochet is also welcome as these, of course, also use “needles”. 

At various times, members have been making curtains, altering hems on skirts or trousers, making Christmas decorations...or even working on a Portuguese tapestry carpet!

The group meets every Wednesday from 1.30 pm till around 5.00 pm, meeting in each other’s homes. Those who wish to can also finish off the day with a gin and tonic. This is a friendly group, keen to welcome new members.

Newcomers Coffee Time

Our designated “Newcomers’ Coffee” is open to all members; it is a lovely opportunity to meet ladies who may be new to Paris or just new to the BCWA.

Please come along and have a chat. Lunch is also available after 12.00 for those who wish to stay on.

Points of View - The BCWA's Discussion Group

It's well known that a good laugh does wonders for one's well being, but then so does a robust difference of opinion!

If you're the kind of person that likes to combine a lively discussion with a drink, then this could be the group for you!  Members meet in a café at 3.30pm on the last Tuesday of the month.


Scrabble is a world-famous 'word-building' game, very popular with BCWA members!

The BCWA Scrabble group is a particularly chatty and friendly group, having no strict rules!  They use the official Scrabble Dictionary, as well as a list of 2-letter words, while playing.

The group usually meets on Friday afternoons at an English-style pub in the 8th arrondissement. Come along for a chat and discover some weird and wonderful words!

South East Suburbs

As the name implies, this group has been created for BCWA members living in the South East Suburbs of Paris. 

It is a very small group, providing members the opportunity to meet other locally, as well as in the RBL Clubhouse on the last Friday of each month.

Themed Lunches

A major highlight of the month for many of our members, BCWA's Themed Lunches are held in the RBL Clubhouse and are based on a recipe from another country.

Our wonderful volunteer cooks will prepare you a 2- or 3-course meal, often accompanied with wine. Come along, meet some friends, and experience a thrill for your taste buds!

Full details are provided in the Monthly Newsletter.


BCWA organises many guided visits, usually to a museum or exhibition, and led by a professional guide.

Very popular with our members, these events often have limited availability so you are advised to sign up quickly.

Details are provided in the Monthly Newsletter.


Every few weeks, BCWA organises a special Monthly Walk, aimed at discovering areas in and around Paris that are outside the usual tourist routes. 

Typically lasting about an hour and a half, these are one-off events, which are published separately in the Monthly Newsletter.

In addition, BCWA organises Guided Walks for its members, led by professional guides.

These events are open to all members, and details are published as and when they take place in the Monthly Newsletter.


We are a friendly mix of levels, from newcomer to experienced.

We have a few spare yoga mats for anyone who would like to join us “to see”. It will be slow and gentle yoga. If you are worried that you could not get up off the floor, now is the time to put that right!


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