Links to use whilst at home

Below is a list of links we thought you would find useful if you are ever stuck at home.

Virtual Tours and Exhibitions

France TV proposes a selection of theatre performances and a selection of classical operas to watch when you like. Front row seating in the comfort of your home

If you feel like visiting a museum or a gallery, click here for a choice of virtual visits: 12 museums and galleries you can visit from your couch. See opposite for popular quick links.

Many visitors were disappointed at not being able to visit the Pompeï exhibition in the Grand Palais. However, you can visit the virtual exhibition on internet from the comfort of your home, free of charge.

The Louvre has virtual tours of the vast exhibits. So get up close and personal with some of their most amazing works of art without having to push your way to anything for a glimpse!

Explore the world and Beyond!

The museums of Paris aren't the only ones who took their exhibits online.  Other great virtual tours include:

The Metropolitan Opera in New York has been streaming opera every night Visit their website for more information.

Should you wish to take an Ivy League university course, now is the time!  Here is a link to hundreds of free online courses from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale.

20 virtual field trips from museums to zoos to aquariums. Take a field trip without leaving your house!

Churches with English services St George's Anglican Church
View services online via the church's YouTube channel. Holy Trinity Church, Maisons-Laffitte
Visit the blog on their website to find links to
pre-recorded video services. St Mark's Versailles
Go to Talks Online on their website to listen to pre-recorded sermons. St Michael's Paris
Visit the Church Online website to register for their Sunday service at 10.45am. You can view previous services on their YouTube Channel. For information or help in connecting contact


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